Thursday, February 4, 2010

Theme Thursday Color: RED ! ! !

Red Lips

Red Letter

Red Firecrackers

Red Candels

Red Carpet

Red Hearts

Red Popcycle

Red Mitten

Red Peppers

Red Bike

Red Door

Red Cookie

Red Cherries

Red Pomagrante

Red Strawberries

Red Daiquiri

Red Punch

Red Toy

Red Heel

Red Rubbers

Red Flower

Red Sign

Red Canoe

Red Lollipop

Red Umbrella

Red Present


  1. Oh what beautiful red pictures...I would love a big bowl of! With a side of daiquiri!!!!!lol

  2. Great photos!
    I am hungry after all the red FOOD ones!

  3. wow. those are some red lips. lots of pretty reds here...i'll take some of those peppers to keep me warm this weekend!

  4. I'll take a daquiri please . . oh wait, it's only 7:54am.

  5. I never noticed how much red lipstick makes someones teeth look so white. Very red lips there.

    Loved all the red pics and never thought much about how many things are red.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Happy TT.

    God bless.