Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Thursday--Water !!!

Water Oh My. I live in the Pacific Northwest-Oregon and we are fortunate to have water EVERYWHERE. There are so many to choose from I will just post a few:

The Oregon Coast

Seal Rock Oregon Coast

Cape Disappointment Pacific Coast

Out our cabin back door...this is Bell Cow Creek...yep that is the actual name! It's precious..(The bell cow is a lead cow who wears a bell so the other cows will follow her.) Kind of fun don't you think!

This is the Grand Ronde about 30 minutes away in the north eastern part of our state...Union County

Tanner Creek in the Columbia River Gorge

Wind surfing on the Columbia River about 2 hours east of me

Wind surfing ..Hood River Oregon

Wind surfing Arlington Oregon

Our majestic Mt. Hood an hour from Portland

The famous Multhmomah Falls on the Columbia River

The Willamette River and Portland Oregon's skyline

Monday, April 20, 2009

Theme Thursday--Fire !!!

I have never "bought into" prevent forest fires. Don't get me wrong, I am not a pyromaniac and I believe in being very responsible while visiting forested lands. In fact, I am a "land steward" as a hobbyist. That said....forest fires renew our lands by giving back nutrients, burning out ladder fuels, killing deadly pine beetle and spruce bud worms and allowing new seeds to germinate and give forests life. My grandfather a 8th generation cattle rancher learned from his Native American neighbors to set fire to his range land when he left it in the fall for his valley ranch in Northern California. When he returned to his summer range the next spring all grasses were new and life was abundant. My family arrived in northern California in 1856. We still hold the title to the lands but regulations have been imposed by those in Washington DC who know NOTHING of range management thus the reason for the now raging forest fires and deadly beetle outbreaks. If they subscribed to "control burns" our lands would be so much more healthy for everyone to enjoy. How about less government regulation...let nature do what it is suppose to do without costly intervention. Our tax dollars could certainly be used for better purposes.

Fires Renewing the Earth
(not my photos)

Yellowstone fire 1988

Yellowstone Fire 1988

OK now I am off my political stand and on to rustic fireplaces. I love our mountain home...the warmth of the fireplaces are extraordinary in the fall and winter and still a delight on cold spring mornings!!! Wish I had this 1st photo fireplace...oh my!(1st Photo not mine)

And because this is a whimsy site....I have added some favorite toys!!!

Cast Iron Firemen Toys:

Tin Firemen Toys:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Theme Thursday--Earth !!!

Wheat in Eastern Oregon is our cash crop. Without earth and all it's nutrients the world would be a little more hungry. (of note, a couple of these are not my photos)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

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