Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Thursday--Water !!!

Water Oh My. I live in the Pacific Northwest-Oregon and we are fortunate to have water EVERYWHERE. There are so many to choose from I will just post a few:

The Oregon Coast

Seal Rock Oregon Coast

Cape Disappointment Pacific Coast

Out our cabin back door...this is Bell Cow Creek...yep that is the actual name! It's precious..(The bell cow is a lead cow who wears a bell so the other cows will follow her.) Kind of fun don't you think!

This is the Grand Ronde about 30 minutes away in the north eastern part of our state...Union County

Tanner Creek in the Columbia River Gorge

Wind surfing on the Columbia River about 2 hours east of me

Wind surfing ..Hood River Oregon

Wind surfing Arlington Oregon

Our majestic Mt. Hood an hour from Portland

The famous Multhmomah Falls on the Columbia River

The Willamette River and Portland Oregon's skyline


  1. Wonderful pics. But there is really a place called "Cape Disappointment"??? How ... sad! It looks nice, very pretty. How did it get such a downer of a name?

  2. Wings: On the Washington State side of the Columbia river is the actual site of the light house and famous state park...the written description: Starting as a small stream at the base of the Canadian Rockies, the Columbia River travels more than 1200 miles, merging with rivers and streams, until it meets the Pacific Ocean. The force of the Columbia flowing into the sea creates one of the most treacherous bars in the world. There are 234 identified ships that stranded, sunk, or burned between 1725 and 1961 near the mouth of the river.

    A cape on the Columbia River mouth's north side marks the entrance to the river. It received its current name from Captain John Meares. On July 6, 1788, Meares sought shelter from a turbulent sea but to no avail. He named the cape, "Cape Disappointment."

  3. I've had opportunity to spend time on the Oregon coast both southern and northern. Breath taking. One of my nephew's middle name is McKenzie for the river. He was born in Eugene.

  4. Incredible photos! And thanks so much for the "Cape Disappointment" story.

  5. i want to go there..and there...and there...i could just keep going. nice pics. been about 6 years since i was in oregon. thanks for the memories. happy TT!

  6. Holly: Wow - thanks for the information! I can definitely see why they called it "Cape Disappointment" now!

  7. Oh they were beautiful! You live in a great place :)

    Thanks for sharing and happy TT!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Especially the one of the mountain, that's just really amazing!

  9. great pictures...someday i hope i can see the Pacific Northwest, especially the redwoods and coast.

  10. Cape Disappointment?

    Sounds promising!

    There is quite an attraction here in Tasmania that goes by the name of "Dismal Swamp".

  11. What a beautiful place you live. The pictures are great. I really like the one of the waterfall. I would like to be standing on that bridge to experience the power of the falls.

  12. As a vicarious traveller, I love these photo glimpses of other people's worlds. More pins on the map! Gah . .I need to live to be a hundred to see all this. Lovely.

  13. The Oregon coast is so beautiful. I've driven the coast road in my motor home - bought a big delta-wing kite in Newport, iirc, and I think about that trip whenever I fly the kite. That's not you wind surfing, is it? Looks scary.

  14. Very nice pictures. You can never go wrong with trees and water. I love Oregon, but haven't been there for many years now. Maybe when hubby retires we will go traveling up there. Really nice creek out your back door.

    If the bell rings do you go floating down the creek?

    God bless.