Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theme Thursday--Mineral !!!

Tin is a Mineral:

! ! ! TIN TOYS ! ! !

Tin Raymond Robot

Tin Zeppelin

Tin Drum

Tin Rosie Robot

Tin Car

Tin Pail

Tin Ferris Wheel

OK, Brass isn't a mineral but I couldn't resist a Brass Monkey


  1. Wonderful pics - I love that monkey!

  2. I want the car! No, the drum! These are cool. Different take on the theme but s omuch fun! :)

  3. Are the robots a couple? Please say yes? They would make such cute little robies. Fun>

  4. That is quite a use of tin, interesting post.

  5. Hey Holly did you change the photo of the zeppelin? What the...maybe I'm on a different site.

  6. Clever Pup--

    I have (2) blogs....this one is Second Thoughts and my other is Christmas Whimsy dedicated to just Christmas ornaments. I would suspect you saw the Zepplin ornament on my Christmas Whimsy site.

    To all others, thanks for all the great messages!!!